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NanoBNK is a new generation of Neo-Banks that have developed financial platforms and uses the latest technology such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to ensure that financial transactions are cheaper, safer and faster. It is a different breed of neo-bank as it has a hybrid status of vendor and operator and partners with banks in different countries,​ including​ three of the largest banks in the Sub-Saharan African countries where some exciting platforms is currently under deployment - the company is working on replicating this model in Northern African and ASEAN countries".


In the Blockchain space, NanoBNK has been very active over the last year with the launch of the following services for various regional banks in Central and Southern Africa.

1. Bill Aggregation on Blockchain
2. KYC on Blockchain
3. Digital Wallet with Cryptocurrency
4. International Remittances

We are now working on Industrial PoC with a large African bank for the following:

  • Smart LC & Trade Facilitation on Blockchain
  • Cross Border payments

In the above cases, Blockchain was chosen as it was the most effective technology to make the transactions cheaper, safer and faster.

[Artificial Intelligence]

With a number of banks having implemented different processes whether internally or through compliance with local regulations, have resulted in a complex back office operations.

Having encountered these complexities in a number of financial institutions with back office processes with simple and repetitive processes, we have started the deployment of Robotic Process Automation.

RPA is an emerging form of clerical process automation technology based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers. It replicates the actions of a human being interacting with the user interface of a computer system.

This has allowed a number of clients to bring down the duration of some processes from days to hours, hence drastically reducing costs and human errors.

[Mobile Banking]

Although mobile banking has grown rapidly around the world, the penetration in some of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 banks in Africa remains quite slow.

Our mobile banking platform enables our banking partners immediately connect to its clients by the most popular devices running on Android and IOS but also accompanies the client with regards to external connectivity such as Billers platforms, and others.

The team is actually working on new developments to integrate the following services for 2018:

1. Micro-Credit
2. Micro-Insurance
3. mVISA and MasterPass

[Digital Wallet]

With over 2Bn unbanked around the world, the need to alternative methods of financial access and inclusion that is cheaper, faster and safer is needed.

With most of the lowest banked countries found in Africa and Asia, the nanoBNK digital wallet with its special features such as automated onboarding, micro-credit, and other features is our product that is targeted to the unbanked.

In more sophisticated markets whereby inclusion and access is not a major challenge the wallet includes features such as direct integration with banks for cash-in and cash-out, integration with online merchants for booking and payment, loyalty programmes, crypto-currency and many other features.


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