Agency Banking

Achieving a universal financial access can become reality with our agency banking solutions, enabling access to easier, faster, safer and secure financial transactions. NanoBNK agency banking is specially designed to provide scale banking and financial services to the underserved population through engaged agents under a valid agency agreement, rather than a teller/ cashier. Serving the need of both individuals and businesses through a broad range of services, banking services can at the reach of everybody. Banks can create an efficient network of agents to ensure optimum banking security and extending banking coverage.


Fuelling lending craze for the small and medium entrepreneurs is the offering of Microlending solution from NanoBNK. The microcredit is a way to grant individuals the necessary money to expand a small business. Our platform solution is all about replacing the sales agents and the application process with user-friendly app streamlining the process and makes the costs drop significantly, creating more competitive products for a fraction of the original fee. Backed by Big Data NanoBNK Microlending solution informs the lender about the borrower’s situation and help them decide on the best course of action. Starting with an analysis of the borrower’s previous exposure to financial knowledge, the lender can create informational materials.


A disruptive solution to individuals sending money from one country to the other (involving different currencies) is what NanoBNK remittance platform brings you. Connecting the world of money much like email does for communication is our target with our hybrid status of vendor and operator and partners with banks in different countries. Mobile Remittance seems to a perfect option for existing players to cut cost and increase margins, making you and your customers happy. Remittances are the biggest source of foreign investment on the African continent while at the same time it still costs more to send money to Africa than to anywhere else. It is an indescribably big opportunity NanoBNK remittance solution is offering to the African continent by reducing the cost of transferring money into and across Africa.