NanoBNK Skybridge brings your digital banking project to life

NanoBNK Skybridge platform is a proven open banking platform that helps build and run an entire digital bank focused on Financial Inclusion. A hassle-free platform that quickly and easily brings your digital banking project to life. Skybridge plugs into any core banking system, including proprietary and leading core banking brands, with numerous benefits. Even for established banks that keep their core legacy system, NanoBNK Skybridge is a nimble digital backbone that can boost performance.

Are you a Tier 2 / Tier 3 Bank in Africa or Asia?

Over 70% of the Unbanked resides in over 25 countries, principally Africa and Asia and if you are a Tier 2 and Tier 3 bank in these countries you might lack the relevant Human, Financial and Intellectual Capital to face the global trends which are: Global De-Risking, Digital Transformation, MNO Entry in FSI and Fintech Disruption!If this trend continues, nearly half of Tier 2 /3 are at risks of disappearing by 2025 [Data extrapolated based on US experience of Tier-3 banks and Credit Unions]. Our Mission is to partner with you, becoming your technology partner and helping you mitigate these global challenges through our Professional Services while at the same time opening new markets through the use of Financial Inclusion Applications. The risks are minimal for you as there’s only a Set-Up fee for the platform and we share revenue on the Financial  Inclusion  Applications, based on Emerging Technologies [AI for Payment, Big Data Scoring for Micro-Finance and Blockchain for Remittance]. “Get a Call Back to discuss your requirements”

Are you a Tier 1 Bank?
The gaps between the Rich and the poor continues to increase and nowhere is this more blatant than in Africa and Asia! This is exacerbating the financial inclusion situation which is already in the State of Emergency and directly impacting on the UN Sustainable Development Goals #1, #5, #8, #9 and #10, to which most of the Global, Regional and Tier 1 Banks have signed up. Our Mission is to become your low cost Fintech partner and helping you reduce your cost-to-serve ratio through the use of Financial Inclusion Applications, using Big Data Scoring in Micro Finance, Blockchain in the remittance business and AI/Open Architecture in Digital Banking all running on a single platform connected to the bank’s Core Banking ensures that transactions are cheaper, faster and safer, critical to effectively address the financially excluded. The risks is minimal for you as there’s only need a Set-Up fee for the platform and we share revenue on the Financial Inclusion Applications, based on Emerging Technologies [AI for Payment, Big Data Scoring for Micro-Finance and Blockchain for Remittance]. “Get a Call Back to discuss your requirements”

NanoBNK Skybridge platform

Skybridge plugs into any core banking system, including proprietary and leading core banking brands, with numerous benefits:

  • Front-end layer: Ready-to-use, white-labelled responsive internet and mobile application. Off-the-shelf banking products ready to be deployed such as Payment, Micro-Finance, Remittance, and Other banking products and services.
  • API Layer: Use our API adapters and API management system to connect to any third party with open API for easy integration.
  • In addition to essential banking modules like core customer account, payment and data management and onboarding functions, the onboarding process is greatly simplified as well as the full KYC process can be done digitally through video identification, through the NanoCORE Omnichannel Tool & Dashboards
  • Licensing is not an issue as our model is a Revenue Sharing one and we grow with you. Moreover, the solution can be deployed: on-premises, SaaS, AWS or Private Cloud: A host of deployment models lets you choose the model that best fits your needs, based on country regulation and your preference.

Mobile Banking

A brilliant opportunity to simultaneously keep your customers happy while paring operational costs as well increasing the reach of your banking services is the value proportion of Mobile Banking. By responding to the innovations in mobile technology, banks need to pay attention to the needs of their customers, while at the same time streamlining a number of processes to meet the fast-paced demands of the 21st century. NanoBNK Mobile Banking equips financial institutions with an agile, quick and cost-effective solution to provide secure transaction services to their customers, a perfect tool to acquire new customers, strengthen loyalty of existing customers and means to create new sustainable revenue streams.

Digital Wallet

With over 2Bn unbanked around the world, the need to alternative methods of financial access and inclusion that is cheaper, faster and safer is needed. With most of the lowest banked countries found in Africa and Asia, NanoBNK digital wallets is the solution to open the financial access corridor. Its special features like automated on boarding, micro-credit, and other features are specially developed for the unbanked. For the sophisticated market, NanoBNK digital wallet offers integration solution platforms, loyalty programs, crypto-currency and many other features, matching your requirements. The digital wallet solutions extend from banking to Retail, Gaming and malls..

Digital Payments

Bill Aggregation

Making a payment from the comfort of your cosy zone using a mobile phone is the best an enterprise can offer its customers. For it to happen the glue that helps many parts of the digital financial services ecosystem to work together is the aggregator financial platform. NanoBNK offers the perfect platform to easily integrate with entities that want to send money to or receive money from end customers. These entities can be utility companies who want to receive payments, businesses who want to pay salaries or donors who want to pay recipients, for example. Behind a single window to pay all bills and payment, our solution ensure the perfect integration platform solution to meet market requirements and ensure seamless transaction processing with optimum security.

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways facilitate transactions by transferring key information between payment portals such as web-enabled mobile devices/websites and the front end processor/bank. NanoBNK payment gateway platform integrates with over a dozen payment gateways throughout the world. As your business scales, add or change payment gateway partners. Our products ensure payment routing to specific gateways for each market, currency or payment method. We offer many payment processing options to serve the needs of your business. Payment gateways fulfill a vital role in the ecommerce transaction process, authorising the payment between merchant and customer. At NanoBNK we take full charge ensuring seamless payment transaction.

QR Payments

QR code payment is a contactless payment method where a payment is performed by scanning a QR code from a mobile app. This is an alternative to doing electronic funds transfer at point of sale using a payment terminal. This avoids a lot of the infrastructure traditionally associated with electronic payments such as payment cards, payment networks, payment terminal and merchant accounts. At NanoBNK, we develop secure QR code for a more secure card-not-present method of payment. This will enable consumers to scan the QR code displayed by the merchant with their phones to pay for their goods. They enter the amount they have to pay and finally submit. Thus, we are bringing the concept of SCAN, PAY and GO to banks,customers and merchants.