Adopting a Fintech payment gateway to ensure seamless e-payment channel allowing e-commerce website to link the client payment account with the website’s account. Enabling security for on online payment with transfer of money where both you and your customers can rest assured for security. The benefits for merchants are endless, of course, when they choose the right payment gateway, tailored to their needs. Your customers can pay anytime and anywhere on any device they want.

What is payment gateway all about?

A payment gateway is a platform, through which the vendor enters the great part of the clients related data: name, location, charging location, and obviously, payment data. Everything is synchronised into the gateways online structures, clear layouts and is not difficult to utilise. It then confirms the buyers data and finishes the exchange. The payment gateway provided by Fintech platforms eliminated banks as intermediary and the platforms acts as a specialised financial service application connecting the merchant with the payment channel bridging gap to penetrate payment channels software.

The most flexible system is provided by an online payment gateway to handle deals. From any online work station you can handle exchanges rapidly and safely, without the requirement for any specific equipment.

The add on value Payment gateways brings to merchants

An all around outlined e- business site with a basic and bother free payment technique will give to an edge over your rivals. It offers a variety of advantages.

Centralised Payment System – Having an online payment portal permits you to incorporate all your business payment forms. It gives you a complete diagram of your income. It additionally figures out which payment procedure need change so as to give better client benefit, and produce more pay for the business.

Availability and Flexibility – Having an online payment portal ensures that your site is equipped for preparing payments at all times. It permits your clients to pay anywhere and anytime. This makes it helpful for your clients and guarantees consumer loyalty.

Lessened Time and Cost Usage – Worrying about preparing payments and managing payment issues can be immoderate and tedious. An online payment framework is equipped for taking care of payment procedures continuously. It doesn’t require extra regulatory help for it to work. This implies less cost of doing business, and more opportunity for you to concentrate on more imperative business matters.

Secure Processing – They keep the data of customers secure and protect also provide protection to merchants from heavy fees. Moreover, they help in preventing dangerous results of getting data compromised.

Accept Plastic Money: Payments using credit cards and debit cards are very common these days. Online Payment Gateway is known for making the transactions made by credit card more easy and efficient because of its batch upload features.

Recurring Billing Option: Flexibility and convenience are the USP of online payments. With the recurring billing options of Online Payment Gateway, customers can get receipts of weekly or monthly payments directly sent to their inbox.

Nanobnk Payment gateway solution for your business boost up 
NanoBnk helps you to choose the right payment gateway, tailored to you business needs. We offer you the platform to integrate with the various payment channels and bridge all the obstacles abstaining your organisation to carry online payment seamlessly.There is no need to redirect customers to an external website to pay,which is one of the most common reasons for cart abandonment. Our platforms have full control over the entire process so they can react immediately when some problems occur you will get notifications in real-time. Your customers can pay anytime and anywhere on any device they want.

A payment gateway can boost up your business, you just need to know what are your needs and find the right payment gateway for your business. NanoBnk has the right solution focusing on innovative technology, powerful and security that will make our business flourish. Contact here.