With globalisation and growing cross border business, cross border payment is something to be at everyone reach. The long-standing inefficiencies have afforded the opportunities for players to provide innovative and customer-centric services in the market. NanoBNK is here to assist you in making your cross border remittance easier, faster and secure.

Our tailor made products provide you with the most appropriate platform powered by modern financial technologies to enable cross border transaction seamlessly across the board. With our exclusive partnership model with banks in Africa and Southeast Asia, we are tapping a great geographic coverage to make cross border remittance a new boost.

About cross-border money transfer platform

With modern financial technologies, platform are designed specifically to provide individuals and businesses with local currency in multiple countries. Borderless Account provides a way for businesses and freelancers to internationally manage their money as easily as if they were local in each country. The funds transfer business has more than one million users, ranging from individuals sending small amounts home to venture capital firms funding their investments. The platforms offerings is very large and it will be incredibly useful for anyone who lives across borders or travels a lot.

Live corridor for cross border mobile money remittances initiative by NanoBNK

Technology affect the attributes speed, security, and transparency and NanoBNK makes of these forces to set up remittance platforms. Instead of having agents on the ground in recipient countries, NanoBnk uses on digital technology such as smartphones and social media tools like Facebook as the means for cross-border money transfer to countries. One platform that can be used by many people, like Skype, a single piece of technology that lowers the cost of doing business across borders.

The advantages of a remittance platform:

  • The pace at which the money is transferred can be within minutes to a day and that too within in the comfort of one’s home or office.
  • The money can be transferred directly to a bank account via the online banking feature of the bank where the amount is held.
  • Online remittance service website or applications are easy to use and secure money transfer.
  • Special platform in dealing with currency exchange would offer the best exchange rate compared to any high street bank.
  • Built with utmost security concern for the financial data of their customers.
  • Online account will save all transaction history.
  • There are no hidden fees charged

NanoBNK positions itself as a Digital banking partner for banks in driving digital banking/payment transformation and enabling financial inclusion in Africa. Our unique business model and innovative platform enables us to support bank to have Money Remittance, Mobile Banking, Agency Banking, Digital Wallets, Bill Aggregation, Payment Gateways, Microlending, loyalty platform solution and Robotic Process Automation powered by AI, Big Data Analytics and Blockchain technology. Contact us here.