Financial inclusion in Africa is about bringing Digital Financial Services to the unbanked and unserved population. With high penetration of mobile phones, the African region is open to digital payment solutions using financial technology. NanoBNK acts a proper Digital Payment Solutions provider to banks and payments companies at a low cost, together by ensuring quick implementation, security, and ability to support legacy features.

Digital payments for financial inclusion

The efficiency and safety together with the rapidity of digital payments solutions are making African foregoing the traditional notes and coins and are now sending money between mobile wallets, paying bills and even applying for loans. The volume of transaction in this segment continues to increase and this shows evidence of a genuine willingness among Africans to adopt digital payment – particularly mobile payment.

Fintechs are taking advantage of this market segment to launch new digital services to meet the growing demand. NanoBNK offers Financial Inclusion platforms to Banks and Financial Service providers to be able to service those business opportunities.

NanoBNK Digital Wallet for Africa

  • Peer to Peer Payment

Send and Receive payment from peers through our Wallet

  • Service Payment (Pay utility and other bills)

A one-stop solution to all your bill payment requirements directly from your Wallet

  • Topup (Buy/Recharge Airtime)

Topup your phone in a breeze and avoid getting disconnected

  • QR Code payment to Merchants

Quickly make payment at Merchants through QR Code scanning. Fast and easy.

  • Savings

Have some forthcoming plans? It’s easy to create a Savings wallet and automatically contribute to the wallet at predefined intervals.