A disruptive solution to individuals sending money from one country to the other (involving different currencies) is what NanoBNK remittance platform brings you. Connecting the world of money much like email does for communication is our target with our hybrid status of vendor and operator and partners with banks in different countries. Mobile Remittance seems to a perfect option for existing players to cut cost and increase margins, making you and your customers happy. Remittances are the biggest source of foreign investment on the African continent while at the same time it still costs more to send money to Africa than to anywhere else. It is an indescribably big opportunity NanoBNK remittance solution is offering to the African continent by reducing the cost of transferring money into and across Africa.

The remittance platform create disruption for money transfers 

The global remittance market, which reached about $613 billion in 2017 (7 per cent. Embracing blockchain as a way of solving the various challenges in order to improve international remittance services. rise from 2016) and is expected to reach up to $8590 million in 2025. NanoBnk remittance allows you to deposit cash, which is converted to cryptocurrencies on the blockchain for faster and low-cost sending, (or to deposit cryptocurrency directly) and then the remittance will let the recipient withdraw cash in their local currencies. The distribution of global remittance amounts between different countries can tell where the markets are concentrated, with India leading at 69, China 64, Philippines 33, Mexico 31, and Nigeria 22, and Egypt and Pakistan 20 in billions of US Dollars. The bulk of the money goes to low and middle-income countries and the remittance amounts account for 35 per cent of GDP of some states. The largest amount is sent by migrant workers back home.

Money transfers with one simple & efficient system  Nanobnk remittance platform
Move funds across borders easily
Managing financial transaction at a global scale becomes easier with our solution. We help simplify the operations so that more resources can be focused on bringing value to the business and the customers.

Increased Affordability
Digital platforms cost less to operate than brick-and-mortar stores, and online operators are offering lower prices for customers. The flat fees or commission rates charged by these market entrants are very low relative to the traditional norms of the market.

Reduce costs for all parts
Moving money is becoming expensive and time consuming. Obtain better exchange rates and fees by adopting our platform. You customers can initiate a transfer with the ease of a smart phone or computer, with just a few clicks.

Unique transfer method
With our platform, track each step of the transaction to ensure complete user satisfaction. Easy for the Sender. Easy for the receiver. As the MSB, you can run all the reports you need.

Tracking and analysis
Use custom reports to identify patterns and new opportunities for improvement. Keep track of each transaction easily for service quality assurance and optimization purposes.

Increased Transparency
Online platforms educate senders about the variety of channel options for recipients, such as mobile wallets and even non-cash options, like direct mobile top-ups. Websites organize and simplify the information senders need to make an informed choice, including the costs and time lag for each delivery channel. One consequence of this additional choice is the blurring of lines between remittances and mobile phone airtime top-ups. Senders can receive lower rates if they transfer money as an airtime top-up rather than as a remittance; meanwhile, recipients can informally exchange their airtime minutes for cash on the other end.