Africa has been tagged with an unbanked, unserved and financially excluded population The perfect solution in bridging the gap between banks and the financially excluded towards the creation of a more connected financial system with Financial Inclusion application. NanoBNK is the perfect partner to accompany financial institutions in providing cheaper, faster and safer transactions connected through a single platform. Deploying the latest financial technologies, NanoBNK promises an effective solution for a connected financial system in Africa.

The purpose towards in delivering Financial Inclusion solutions for Africa

Africa has a high percentage of unbanked and the country is lacking being the global trends to follow the rapid growth in Global De-Risking, Digital Transformation, and Fintech Disruption! The Tier ⅔ banks in Africa do not the proper human capital and intellectual capital to match with global happenings in the financial space. Thus it deprives the continent to benefit from the financial technology which has the ability to change the conditions in Africa and include everyone in the financial system.

Moreover, the banks in Africa do not match with the global trend in the near future, the banks will be in difficulty, thus exacerbating the financial inclusion situation. So Africa is in a State of Emergency.

NanoBNK as the potential to assist the Africa unbank solution. We have the mission to partner with banks without burden the banks with huge investment at one go. Are you Tier 2 or Tier 3 banks, NanoBNk can provide you with the perfect assistance as per your requirements based on the region and product you service. We plug in the technology you require to help you to reduce the cost-to-serve ratio through the use of Financial Inclusion Applications.

An intelligent platform solution for a more efficient system

Deploying the potential of financial technologies such as Digital Banking, Robotics,  Micro-Finance, Big Data Scoring and Remittance, NanoBNk propose an entirely digital bank focused on Financial Inclusion.  A digital Banking platform giving a new life and dimension to any core banking system. It comes in terms of a single platform which will be the backbone of the core banking system accompanied with numerous benefits to the institutions as well to the customers. Establish banks with a proper digital backbone will contribute in boosting the performance of the institution through faster transaction, lower cost, better customer service along with numerous benefits.

A soundable platform enables to deployed financial products benefit the customers as well as the banks. Moreover, NanoBNK platform proposes NanoCORE Omnichannel Tool & Dashboards which enables smooth client onboarding.

A solid digital backbone to banks will lower the cost to serve customers as well as simplifying people to connect in the financial system with more flexible tools and digital access. 

Above all the financial inclusion aspect NanoBNK platform proposes, the bank will not have to invest a massive amount as our revenue model is sarin one. We grow with you in partnership. The bank will have one a set-up fee for the platform and we share revenue on the Financial Inclusion Applications.