With NanoBOT, the Bank’s digital workforce becomes a reality. Smart efficiencies improved compliance and preventing critical manual mistakes in bank’s manual internal functions and processes are the potential underlying of NanoBOT. NanoBOT addresses the laborious workload pertaining to manual data entry, extraction and manipulation without the need for human intervention for back-office operations in Finance, Retail, Corporate, Swift and Card operations among others. The cost savings depending on the complexities of the manual process can be anything between 20% – 60%. It has also an Artificial Intelligence layer enabling the bank to focus on Data mining and analytical. Grab this revolutionary and innovative software for your banks’ process automation.

Business processes in which NanoBot can be used:

  • Take over repetitive task that employees carry out 20-60 times a day
  • Conversion of data formats and graphics
  • Periodic reporting data entry and data analysis
  • Mass mail generation archiving extracting
  • Process list is and file storage
  • ERP transactions

NanoBOT robotics drives efficiency benefits, along with improvements in quality scalability and resiliency in a cost-effective way

RPA gives employees time on more intellectually stimulating activities, since tedious repetitive tasks are delegated to robots. [ Example: formatting or copy pasting data files]. The robot can execute rule- based tasks, leaving employees with time to work on value-added tasks requiring judgement and soft skills, such as advising customers.

  • Higher quality- Human errors eliminated with improved compliance and higher staff satisfaction. Capacity increase by robotics virtual workforce
  • Productivity boost- Average handling time reduced with monitoring around the clock
  • Cost saver- Processing costs reduced by up to payback in up to 3 months
  • Implementation speed –Fast implementation of new processes with re-usable process elements

How can your company benefits from NanoBNK RPA solutions:

  1. Improved employee and customer satisfaction
  • Tedious repetitive tasks are delegated to robots
  • Time generated to focus on customer care
  • Empowered employees to perform more
  • value-added tasks
  1. Enhanced compliance
  • Traceability reduces risk of errors and secures consistency
  • Automated Control steps increase compliance
  • Systematic documentation of audit trail
  1. Accelerated productivity gains
  • Robot releases on average 4 FTEs
  • Robot reduces costs on average by 50% – 80%
  • Quick development cycles, providing ROI in 3-6 months

NanoBNK Approach for Robotic Process Automation

  • Integrated dashboard: Consolidating data from different source into a single view
  • GAP Analysis: Finding out the manual processes where RPA can be applied
  • Robotic process Automation: Automate the manual processes to complete process
  • Virtual Assistance: Imitate human behaviour and communicate to complete the tasks for the user

Sample use cases where RPA delivers value

  • Customer Service & Support Desk
  • IT & Infrastructure Support
  • Data Migration & Management
  • Connecting Process Islands
  • Digital & Online Initiatives
  • Back Office Administration

Are you a bank and you wish to set up your digital workforce; Robotic Process Automation by NanoBNK giving a new dimension to your manual and tedious operations. The benefits offered by RPA are clear, so it all comes down to whether your business is ready to deploy robots in the back office or continue to rely on offshoring tedious tasks to the lowest bidder. NanoBOT by NanoBNK has much to offer your business. Contact us here.