Even though the telecom sector is well established, the operators still face challenges in delivering innovative services to their clients. As more people turn to telecom companies to keep them connected globally, telecom players must compete with one another to provide the fastest, more affordable and cutting edge services. However, most companies are burdened with large volumes of operational processes which prevent them from focusing on the most critical aspect of their businesses- their customers.

Being well positioned, the telecom industry can take advantage of innovative automation technologies which will eventually help them address their weak points and streamline their business operations. As such, to stay relevant and grow in this new digital era, the providers need to rapidly reimagine and modernise their services and existing operations. As per the information obtained from 2016 Blueprint Report for Accenture, it has been stated that Intelligent Automation and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) will become deeply integrated into telecom business processes.

Managing customer experience is one of the biggest priorities for telecom industry, especially achieving customer satisfaction ultimately drives the success of the Telcos. Yet, due to their rapid growth and high volumes of processes, telecom providers face challenges which prevent them to realise their goal of fully optimizing the customer experience.

RPA can play a crucial role in driving transformation across the industry, bringing greater efficiency in the telecommunications domain. This adoption will help the providers to easily manage their back office and deal with huge volumes of repetitive operational processes. For Instance, it provides Telcos with a weapon of robot ‘helpers’ which can reduce pressure on operations teams, free up laborious, time consuming, multi-step manual process and tasks which are highly prone to human error. Employees will be more focus on revenue generation, increase the quality of service and deliver better value and experiences for the customers.

According to research, if we take the billing process as an example, analysts estimate 10% to 20% to telecom charges are billed in error. Hence, leaving the Telcos to face heavy fines and damaged reputations. The complexity of billing is that Telcos often aggregate services from different providers, making it difficult to find out where the error lies. RPA automates this process, tying the systems together to provide a complete audit trail, so that discrepancies can be handled much quicker.

Despite facing these challenges, telecom providers are leveraging their RPA capabilities to cut costs, improve the flow in data communication and to drive significant improvements in operations- thereby allowing them to boost their customer services.


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